Detailed description of each student at LBB

Zahra Narimani

  • social network analysis techniques
My background is on data mining and social network analysis techniques. I also have worked on evolutionary techniques such as Genetic Algorithm (for Multiple Sequence alignment). I have experience in analyzing NGS genomic data (during my PhD). My current focus is on Bayesian Inference methods for inference of Biological Networks.

Hossein Lanjanian

  • My academic background is in physics
My academic background is in physics. I am also familiar with computational algorithms and artificial intelligence. In my PhD, I worked on two subjects; structural bioinformatics including Molecular Dynamics and Docking and NGS data analysis such as RNA sequencing data network analysis and DNA sequencing data analysis.

Sadegh Sulaimany

  • NO Information
NO Information

Hossein Seidkhani

  • Bioinformatics PhD student
I joined the LBB in the fall of 2011 as a Bioinformatics PhD student. During my doctorate studies I worked on computational biology, complex networks in bio-systems and brain systems biology. I investigating the information flow in brain networks using complex networks.

Zaynab Mousavian

  • drug resistance in cancer
I have worked on drug resistance in cancer and also on drug-target networks during my PhD program. I am really interested in cancer systems biology and developing methods to understand the mechanism of drug resistance in cancer. I have good skills in programming, statistics and machine learning, and I am familiar with cancer biology and signaling pathways.

Shervin Alaei

  • Computer Science, including algorithms
My major background is in Computer Science, including algorithms, learning methods and programming skills. In my PhD, I am trying to make use of computational methods to discover unknown players and their roles in Esophageal cancer (ESCC type). My thesis is focused on a special type of non-coding RNAs, i.e. long non-coding RNAs, which have been recently found to be of major importance in cancer initiation and progression. By applying computational algorithms in a reconstructed network of genes from different patients, I am trying to find new biomarkers and their functional roles in ESCC.

Habib MotieGhader

  • computational algorithms and artificial intelligence
My background is computational algorithms and artificial intelligence. In PhD I would like to apply computational methods on different biological problems especially cancer. I am especially interested in using machine learning methods in early detection of cancer especially colorectal cancer (CRC) and I am working on miRNA and mRNA expression data for this purpose.

Niloofar Haghjoo

  • BSc degree in applied chemistry
I did a BSc degree in applied chemistry. meanwhile I found computer science very interesting. so I studied artificial Intelligence in Master of science; I worked on different models to predict protein-protein interactions based on different features of proteins. Having some fmiliarity with these two separate worlds-chemistry vs. computer science, made me to choose bioinformatics as my Ph.D field of research. As all the science with hollistic view, systems biology is attractive so I’ve started a research about integrating different kind of biological data to a model for recognizing the nature of cancer.

Morteza Kouhsar

  • graph analysis and algorithm
My strong background is in graph analysis and algorithm. In my MSC thesis I research on protein interaction network clustering and computational methods for protein complex detection problem. I am very interested in biological network analysis and systems biology and currently I’m studying competing endogenous RNAs and computational approaches to investigate RNA interactions in cancer.

Ali Khosravi

  • Bioinformatics and Systems Biology
I am interested on implementation of complex Bioinformatics and Systems Biology approaches into life science projects. My objective in my PhD research is to focus on drug discovery for incurable diseases. I am specially interested on drug optimization and repositioning.

Vahid Ghafarpour

  • computational algorithms and artificial intelligence
I have strong background in computational algorithms and artificial intelligence. in my PhD I like to concentrate on biological aspects of computer science. I am especially interested in using theoretical methods in cancer subtype classification and I am working on a new approach in clustering with application of epigenetics profiles.

Ali Ebrahimi

  • both graph theory and Algebraic graph
I have background in both graph theory and Algebraic graph theory. I am interested in the implementation of complex network controllability methods on biological networks and as well as providing a new algorithm to solving the problem of controllability.

Mazaher Maghsoudloo

  • Machine learning
I have strong background in Machine learning. in my PhD I like to concentrate on biological aspects of computer science. I am especially interested in using systems biology in Autism and Cancer.

Zeynab Piryaei

  • Computer Engineering
I have background in both Computer Engineering and Cellular/Molecular Biology. So, I have a good attitude to reconcile biology and computing knowledge. I am interested in gene regulatory network in disease in my phD thesis.

Saber Rastad

  • highly motivated PHD student
I am a highly motivated PHD student with experience and education in information technology, software engineering, machine learning, geneitcs, and molecular biology. My PHD researches mainly focus on Cross-disease coexpression relationships among comorbid complex brain diseases/disorders.

Nadia Barjasteh

  • No Information
No Information

Amirhossein Fathinavid

  • Master’s degree
Based on my research area in Master’s degree, I am interested in working on networks especially Cellular Networks such as biological pathways. Now, I am working on PPI network of Emphysema and lung cancer through COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease).

Arezoo Yazdani Seqerloo

  • computer engineering
I am an expert in computer engineering with a high tendency in software programming and analysis. One of my interest is making a connection between basic science such as computer science and biology which is called bioinformatics. Hence I made an effort as a Ph.D. researcher to get new results out of bioinformatics and Systems Biology fields. I am especially interested in finding an approach to understanding gene-disease-drug interactions.

Ehsan Pournoor

  • B.Sc program at Hamedan University
completed my B.Sc program at Hamedan University of Technology (HUT) and graduated in summer 2012 with a degree in Information Technology Engineering. Since my B.Sc I started my professional programming, software developing and I had the experience of working with Relational & NoSQL databases. Then I started my M.Sc at University of Qom in E-Commerce and during that period I was working about Text & Data Mining, Recommender and Expert Finding systems. I took courses in different areas of computer science such as Data Mi ning, Information Security, Business Intelligence, Knowledge Management and Bioinformatics. After graduation, in order to my interest in Bioinformatics and biology, I decided to continue my PhD in Bioinformatics. So I started my PhD at University of Tehran under supervision of Dr. Masoudi-Nejad.

Ehsan Zangene

  • bioinformatics
I am researching topics in bioinformatics and computational systems biology. My main interests are Designing od diagnostic panels for metabolic disease, analysis of structure and dynamics of biological networks, integration of multimodal data and modelling of metabolism.

Karim Abbasi

  • activities focused on Algorithms
In the last years, my research activities focused on Algorithms Design and Machine learning. In my Ph.D., I’d like to concentrate on biological aspects of computer science. My current research interests are in working on applications of Algorithms and machine learning in biological data. I am very interested in interdisciplinary collaborations and to bring in my knowledge in Algorithms and machine learning research to solve problems in other disciplines. I believe that co-operations with other researchers from different fields will provide interesting opportunities for both sides. I believe that my experience puts me in a strong position to tackle some of the challenges related to my research area and it will be a great option for me to pursue my research interests and contribute to science here in Iran.

Mahshid Arastoonejad

  • Engineering in Electronic
I received my Master of Engineering in Electronic and Communication from University of Birmingham in United Kingdom. Then I returned to Iran in 2012 and started my PhD in Bioinformatics in University of Tehran. I am a highly motivated, hard working and conscientious individual with excellent communication, organization and interpersonal skills, which have enabled me to enjoy considerable success during my education and career to date. I am proactive and like to use my own initiative but am equally happy working as an effective member of a busy team. . In the future, I am aiming to become an academic researcher to contribute to my research field of interest. I am interested in cancer system biology.

Mohammad Mehdi Naghizadeh

  • biostatistician
I am a biostatistician. Biostatistics is a bridge between computational sciences and biology. Now, this skill helps me to solve bioinformatics challenges.

Mojgansadat Mohtashamian

  • biology
I have a background in biology, particularly in plant biology.

Naser Elmi Ghiasi

  • PhD student of Bioinformatics
I was born in Tabriz, Iran on June, 1987. At the current time, I am a PhD student of Bioinformatics and Systems Biology in University of Tehran. Before starting my PhD in Laboratory of systems Biology and Bioinformatics (LBB) in September 2015, I completed two consecutive Masters in applied mathematics (dynamical systems and ODE theory) and Mechatronics Engineering. Consequently, I have a strong background in Dynamical systems, mathematical modeling, analysis and control. As a PhD student in this field I am zealously interest in applying different ideas from dynamical systems and control engineering to biological systems.

Saber Ghanbari Ara

  • programmer
am a web programmer and mostly my products created with PHP and C# language. I am especially interested in using data mining methods in network analysis and create tools for this. Now I am working on a new approach for Identifying risk-averse low-diameter clusters in graphs.

Seyed Aghil Hooshmand

  • design algorithms
My main field is to design algorithms and software systems. During my PhD I want to use machine learning techniques so that I can use in Drug repurposing and drug Discovery.currently I’m studying Deep Learning Technique and its application in the field of Drug Repositioning.

Mehrnoush Toghian

  • computer hardware engineering
I have an academic background in computer hardware engineering and networking, and finished my master studies in information technology, focusing on information and communication systems security. My interest in biology and genetics made me pursue my Phd studies in bioinformatics, which links all those fundamental sciences together. The area of my interest is systems biology and my favorite research field is personalized medicine.

Mahsa Torkamanian Afshar

  • DataBase design
I have background in DataBase design, and worked on some of DBMS. During my period, I worked on some of computational intelligence techniques especially neural networks for the aim of Ad-Hoc implementation. In my PhD I like to concentrate on biological aspects of computer science. I am especially interested in using learning methods on biological problems and I am working on Aptamers. These are a potentially valuable class of ligands that are widely used in the fields of biology and medicine.